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Dear Guest,

During these challenging times with COVID-19, we would like to say that we are taking this virus seriously. We have installed nice plexi glass between our styling stations, giving each person added security during their service. Along with sanitizing we are trying our best for you and for us to stay healthy while we struggle to stay open.  

We are happy to say that we are participating in our towns Blacksburg Bucks program, which encourages us all to support local businesses. You may use your Bucks towards a service or as a gift for a friend. Speaking of gifts, we would appreciate any purchase of our Vintage Salon Gift Cards to use in the future. Purchasing a gift card now allows cash flow in the time of need.

We are working hard to stay afloat until the fear of getting sick keeps people from visiting our salon.

So we are committed to wearing mask at all times in the salon, handwashing, and sanitizing after each service. We are asking that you sign a form before your service as it keeps a record of each guest served for contact tracing. 

Stay well, be happy, and be brave in helping to support your small business community. We do care and want to be a survivor in the end. 

Thank you,

Frances Cox


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